“Bieber Brawl” Part 1

My first tournament on a college team.  I was excited, nervous but excited.  I had played in weekend tournaments before, but it was always on mixed teams, playing with an all girls team that had more than 10 players- if we were lucky was a new experience.  We were staying in a church, which I would discover was the norm for out team.

We left Parkland around 5 on a Friday night and drove all the way to Corvallis, stopping to get some food on the way.  I was in a car with new people and that was exciting, getting to know people I would be playing with for at least the rest of the year if not more.

After sleeping like a log on Friday night, Saturday rolled around with a 7 am wake-up call.  We made it to the fields around 8 and proceeded to warm-up. I learned we had 4 games that day, more than I had ever played in a day before.  It was a beautiful day, even if it had started out a little cloudy.  We didn’t win any games that day but it didn’t matter; we were having fun.

One of the memories of that first day that will always be a joke about me is how much my skin burns in the sun.  Our last game of the day and I am standing in-between two fields, called ‘splitting the line.’  I’m standing there watching my game when someone comes up to me from the other field and says, “Are you ok? Do you want some sunscreen?”  That’s how sunburned I was, someone from another field came up to offer me sunscreen.  Not without reason though, I was extremely sunburnt.  Now, I can always be counted on to have sunscreen, somewhere.

Our “funny” picture-I committed and “ate dirt”


That evening we all went out to dinner together at this incredible pizza place.  I don’t think food has ever tasted so good.  Like some people at tournaments I forget to eat sometimes and end up finding myself extremely hungry by the end of the day.








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