Starting with Lady Reign

I knew when I came to PLU that I was going to play frisbee, no question about it.  What I didn’t know was how important all the amazing women on the team were going to be to me.  I started the year knowing no one on the team. I just showed up because that was who I am–always the ultimate player.  I met two of my incredible captains Liz and Genevieve and they were so excited that I along with around 10 other freshmen decided to play.

The first game we had was maybe a month after school started, a scrimmage against our close neighbors-Clearcut- the women’s team at UPS.  The captains had asked all the new and old recruits who wanted to go and who could drive.  I’m not ashamed to say that I was quite scared the day of; we had gotten carpool groups and I didn’t know anyone in my car, but I sucked it up and went anyway.  Going, was by far, one of the best decisions I have made.  I realized while playing just how much I had missed the sport over the last year-I took a gap year.  Even though it was rainy and muddy it was so much fun to be out on the field again.

Though we lost pretty badly, the score wasn’t important.  We had the cube playing all day in the background (the cube is our portable speaker that travels everywhere with us) and crazy costumes on-at least for a little while-because that is part of frisbee culture.

Although I had known these women for only a few weeks they were so open and friendly that I already felt like part of the team. I felt like I had found my home and my family.

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