My name is Liza and when I meet people I tell them to think of Liza Minelli; maybe they will think my voice sounds better if they think of her when the see me.  That could just be wishful thinking though; which is kind of what my psychology tells me.  Leading into my college life.  I am a psychology major with minors in Holocaust and Genocide studies and business marketing.  With psychology I hope to either go into counseling with a focus on trauma because of my HGST background or Industrial/Organizational psychology which a business background will come in handy.  One of my loves is music and I love to sing.  I have been granted opportunities to train with various conductors and private teachers from around the country and have mostly been trained in classical voice but have learned some opera as well.  Sometimes I think I like animals more than people and want a Maine Coon cat and a Newfoundland-a dog- at some point in my life  I am also a theatre nerd and thoroughly appreciate musicals! I love to travel and plan to travel all around the world and learn about different cultures.